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UK Cheap Replica Piaget Limelight Stella Watches Online

I’ve long called for an increase in complicated watch options for women. In very recent years, it seems the call is being answered, albeit at a glacial pace. The announcement of the UK replica Piaget Limelight Stella watch is another step in the right direction. While there is no shortage of unisex mechanicals, it’s great to see calibres designed exclusively for women. In the past, it was always assumed that complicated watches for women didn’t exist because A) a delicately proportioned watch simply didn’t have enough space in which to cram the same amount of complexity, and B) women weren’t as interested in watches. But that was the past. Why shouldn’t there be as much choice for female fans of haute horology as there is for men?


The notion that a woman’s watch requires a shrunken calibre need not be the case. Fashion nowadays dictates women can wear big watches if they wish, side-stepping the detraction that anything small could be complexified by increasing its size. Secondly, a large reason why women appeared less interested in luxury watches in the past probably had a lot to do with the socio-economic situation of the times. These days, more and more women have the money and free time to spend on watches. Failure to serve this market sector is, to me, downright insulting. So it’s just as well that the industry is finally taking note. The key is tailoring the watch’s function and the nature of its function to a female wearer, not by mandatorily reducing its size. That said, a more gracile form is often popular with female consumers, so a fusion of refined silhouettes, low-profiles, and meaty mechanics seems the ideal recipe for success, in my opinion.


The Piaget Limelight Stella aims to evoke feelings of freedom, power, and independence through its heavy use of the moon as an iconographic symbol. Not only does the moon take centre stage in the watch’s only serious complication, it also supposedly acts as a totem of femininity, silent strength, and balance. Luxury fake Piaget watches asserts that the characteristics of the moon are often those associated with femininity. In some places, this designedly empowering rhetoric sounds a little generalizing to me, but I believe the comparisons are made in a complimentary, rather than patronizing, manner.


What is definitely true is that a good moonphase complication has been known to make even the most seasoned wrist analyst weak at the knees. There is something magical about the use and reference of the heavens in watchmaking. Obviously, tracking time is reliant on the endless dance of these celestial citizens, and so to objectify them in metal is to honor them to the limit of our ability.


The 11.5-ligne (26mm) 583P and 580P calibres used in the Piaget Limelight Stella range, beat at 21,600vph. A sapphire case-back crystal reveals the level of craftsmanship we are used to seeing from Piaget’s in-house creations. The mainplate is decorated with a circular grain pattern; the bridges are edged with polished bevels, curtailing an excellently executed Côtes de Genève pattern; blued screws inject a flash of vitality to this metallic marvel; and the automatic rotor weight is engraved with the exact fake Piaget watches coat-of-arms. The movement has a 42-hour power reserve – plenty for an automatic wristwatch whose 36mm case makes it wearable on a daily basis.


The moonphase complication is visible through a generous aperture between 10 and 12 o’clock, taking centre stage on this ovular dial, that is further elongated thanks to its being placed within a circular case with flowing, continuous lugs. The bicolor moon is refreshingly detailed and realistic. Piaget have resisted the temptation to bejewel the moon and, instead, chose to add interest to the moonphase disc by decorating the intervening space between the two moons with simplified constellations (Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia). The astronomical moon function reproduces the lunar cycle by way of a disc featuring stars and two moons, driven by a 135-toothed wheel. A standard moonphase will lag one day behind reality every two-and-a-half years; the system used here, however, ensures that the Piaget Limelight Stella will not require a one-day adjustment for 122 years. The aperture revealing the moon is flanked by 14 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.06ct). The watch is available in pink gold with or without a diamond-studded bezel (weighing in at 0.65ct), and in an exclusively gem-set white gold variant. A variety of strap options available upon request. The price of the Piaget Limelight Stella will be $28,600 for the pink gold diamond bezel version, $29,700 for the luxury replica Piaget white gold diamond bezel version, and $20,500 for the non-diamond bezel version.

UK Cheap Replica Watches Piaget 12P: The Birth Of An Ultra-Thin Legacy

When Piaget introduced the manual wind Caliber 9P at the 1957 Basel Fair, it took many other brands by surprise. Some claimed behind the scenes that it was a ruse, that this movement couldn’t possibly be real. Only 2 mm in height, it couldn’t be done; it was an impossibility.
Yet Piaget proved that not only could it be done, but that the movement could also be produced in commercial quantities and was reliable enough to maintain the paces of everyday life.
What these naysayers couldn’t know in the late 1950s was that Caliber 9P represented only the beginning. Three years later, in 1960, replica Piaget watches UK stunned the watch world once again with Caliber 12P.

Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P

At a height of only 2.3 mm, it became the thinnest automatic movement in the world. What is perhaps even more remarkable is that Piaget didn’t cut any corners getting there. Although only clearly visible to the observer from the outside underneath the balance wheel, the entire base plate was decorated with circular graining, while the bridges delighted the eye with vertical côtes de Genève and hand-chamfered edges.

Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P-

Creating such delicate decorations is already difficult enough on any movement, but on an ultra-slim one like this these tasks became exponentially more difficult.
To limit the height as much as possible, the movement doesn’t get its energy from a centrally mounted rotor, but instead an off-center micro rotor. This rotor is actually set so far off-center that it extends past the periphery of the base plate.
Therefore, each watch fitted with Caliber 12P had a small section carved out of the inside of the case to allow the rotor its freedom to move. The rotor itself was also special because it was crafted luxury replica Piaget watches in pure 24k gold.

Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P——

Piaget specifically chose this material to make the micro rotor as heavy as possible. Secured by a full bridge, the rotor is mounted on top of a gear whose job comprises transferring the energy created by the motion of the rotor to the spring barrel.
Piaget never went into the business of creating ultra-slim movements just for the sake of breaking records. The fact that the brand has achieved this time after time most certainly didn’t hurt sales, but the primary reason for Piaget to create small, svelte movements was to provide its designers with the ability to work with artistic freedom minimally constrained by movement dimensions.

Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P_

That artistic freedom was most certainly seized by Piaget’s designers. The world changed rapidly in the 1960s and ‘70s, but Piaget’s designers seemed to have their finger on the pulse and used Caliber 12P as well as 9P to create watches that pushed the boundaries of design.
Some of the designs were very expressive, others showed their qualities in more introverted ways.
Just a dress watch?
At first glance, this vintage sale fake Piaget Caliber 12P watches online model from 1969 looks like nearly any other sober dress watch, but close examination provides evidence of incredible decoration and finishing techniques. The dial, bezel, and case sides feature delicate rows of clous de Paris.

-Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P
An exceptionally beautiful ultra-thin Piaget Caliber 12P model from 1969.

These tiny, golden pyramids lend the timepiece a refined texture. But this refinement doesn’t stop there: powered by such an ultra-slim movement, Piaget wanted to show it off a little, so the brand went to extra effort to make the profile of the watch as thin as possible.
To accomplish this, the sapphire crystal is mounted very close to the dial. Apart from the fact that the watchmaker has to set the hands pretty close to each other as well as the dial, this doesn’t sound too spectacular – though it in fact is.

_Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P

Like the dial of a Rolex Date-Just, which features small “blocks” of gold to indicate the hours, Piaget created the same sort of look here, only that the “blocks” are pressed at a specific angle to create an unusual three-dimensional effect while at the same time being limited in height. This is design at its best – with exceptional craftsmanship to match!

_Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P_

Despite being a very slim watch, Piaget didn’t compromise on durability. The sapphire crystal is mounted slightly above the bezel, so its softer gold is protected. When you take the back off the watch you are not holding a flimsy disk of gold, but a well made case back that has a solid feel to it.
Could this watch have been made thinner? Yes, if cheap replica Piaget watches had skimped on those two elements, but that would have come at a cost of reliability that the brand wasn’t ready to pass on to owners.

Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P__

Those owners are, by the way, practical beings, because alongside watch connoisseurs and addicts like you and me, Piaget sells a substantial portion of its timepieces to classy, well-to-do people who just enjoy wearing a great watch in everyday life, and some of these people preferred to have a date function.
That date function added 0.5 mm to the movement, making its overall height still a very impressively small 2.8 mm.
Caliber 12P marks a very successful period in the history of Piaget, not only one of technical accomplishments, but also of aesthetic ones. This legendary movement now serves as the godfather of an entire range of ultra-slim automatic movements that are still designed and crafted along the same principles set out more than half a century ago – a legacy that brought us the current 1200P family of calibers and even the recently introduced Caliber 700P hybrid movement (see Piaget Emperador Coussin XL: 700P Hybrid Performance, Piaget Perfection), none of which would have been possible without Caliber 12P.

__Vintage Piaget Ultra-Thin Caliber 12P

Quick Facts
Case: yellow gold with clous de Paris decoration, 32 mm
Movement: automatic Caliber 12PC1 with 24-karat gold micro rotor
Functions: hours, minutes; date
Year of manufacture: 1969
Price in 1969: 3,220 Swiss francs

Introducing the Replica Piaget Polo S Online, an Entry-Level Sports Watch That Looks Familiar…

Priced under US$10,000, the Polo S is Piaget’s salvo in the accessible-luxury price segment that’s all the rage now.


The original cheap fake Piaget Polo watches introduced in 1979 was a 1980s status symbol of sorts, typically yellow gold and distinguished by the horizontal bars across the dial and bracelet, the sort of watch you might have seen on a millionaire in Marbella. That look is somewhat retro now, even after several facelifts. So the new Polo S sports a completely different style, characterised by a cushion-shaped dial inside a roundish case – a look that might be somewhat familiar.


Being the new entry-level watch in Piaget’s line-up, the UK cheap fake Polo S stainless steel and 42mm in diameter. Two models are available – both are the same size – an automatic with date, as well as a chronograph. Several dial colours are available, but all have the same stamped horizontal pinstripe guilloche.

The automatic is powered by the calibre 1110P, while inside the chronograph is the calibre 1160P. Both are in-house automatic movements, being based on the existing calibres 800P and 880P respectively. Luxury replica Piaget watches has yet to provide extra details, but it’s certain that the movements inside the Polo S are dialled down in terms of extraneous decoration in order to accommodate the price.


The Polo S automatic costs US$9350 or S$15,500, while the chronograph is priced at US$12,400 or S$20,600. It will be available from replica Piaget watches for sale boutiques and retailers starting September 2016.