Best Quality UK IWC Replica Reintroduces 1990s Ceramic Icon As Limited Edition

Not all icons are born as one. Some need time before their true potential is recognized and they obtain their iconic status. This is most certainly true for the fake IWC Fliegerchronograph ref.3705, which the brand launched in 1994. Already in the 1980s was IWC a pioneer in the field of ceramic, using it, for example, for their Da Vinci perpetual calendar chronograph, another one of their icons. The black dial replica IWC Pilot’s ref.3705 was the first Fliegerchronograph to be fitted with a ceramic case. It resulted in a watch that had a very clean and utilitarian look. As it was never produced in vast numbers, the watch became a rarity known mainly by die-hard IWC collectors.

As ceramic became more commonly used within the industry, this also increased the interest in its history. The Fliegerchronograph ref.3705 could not get unnoticed, in that matter. All the more so because it was the watch of choice by former IWC director Günter Blümlein, who later on would also play a vital role in the resurrection of A.Lange & Söhne. His personal watch was recently auctioned at the impressive price of $53,750-.

IWC is now launching a limited edition, the Swiss movement fake IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “Tribute to 3705,” that brings this historic watch back to life. Limited to 1,000 pieces does it closely resemble its predecessor, yet there are a few important differences. Where the original watch used zirconium oxide ceramic for its case, has its successor one made from Ceratanium. This material was developed by IWC and has a base made from a special titanium alloy, which will be put in a furnace for a firing process after being machined. There the surface of the material transforms into one with properties similar to ceramic. Also the chronograph pushers and pin buckle made from this unique material, a first for IWC.

Inside the case, there is also a difference with the original Fliegerchronograph ref.3705, as that watch was powered by the famous Valjoux caliber 7750. The Swiss luxury replica IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “Tribute to 3705″ features IWC’s in-house caliber 69380. This movement follows the brands’ distinct movement architecture and combines a bi-directional pawl winding system with a column wheel to precisely operate the chronograph. Just as the original is also this tribute 41mm in diameter and fitted with a black calf-skin strap so that the icon truly lives on through its modern predecessor.