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The Swiss Made Replica Tudor Black Bay 58 “925” Watch For Sale

On paper, this sounds like the single worst idea for a luxury replica watch that I’ve heard of in a long time. It makes absolutely no sense – silver is possibly the least suitable metal in the history of the universe for a dive watch.

There are formulations that can resist tarnishing – germanium and silver alloys, like Argentium, can take tarnish out of the equation pretty well – but it still feels optimistic at best. On top of that, there’s the display back. I’m a big fan of display backs on watches at every price point, and I got a huge kick out of seeing the rotor spinning on my first Seiko 5 (back when Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth), but I can’t help but think of both Rolex and high quality replica Tudor as solid-back companies (and yes, I know the North Flag has a clear caseback). And yet, and yet.
I find this watch fascinating. It’s so consciously in opposition to the stereotyped notions of what a dive watch should be that it comes out the other side feeling fresh and original. And the fact that it looks really nice doesn’t hurt one bit either.

It’s a watch I would have dismissed out of hand if someone had pitched me the idea…but I’m glad cheap replica Tudor didn’t, and I’m dying to see it in the (silver) metal. Who’s to say it doesn’t deserve a, hahaha, sterling reputation?